PG Medical Entrance Exam|USMLE reparation|How to do ABG Analysis

We should remember the following things first.

Normal pH- 7.35-7.45

Acidosis-    <7.35

Alkalosis-   >7.45

If HCO3 Decreased- Acidosis

If PCO2 increased- Respiratory

Question: A 20 year old girl presents with pain abdomen, vomitings and fever. Her blood glucose is 350mg/dl, pH is 7.2, HCO3 -7.6

What is the likely diagnosis?



Question :A 55 year smoker presents to emergency with breathlessness and altered sensorium. His ABG analysis showed pH of 7.25, PCO2 of 65 and HCO3 of 35.What is your likely diagnosis?

Ans: Respiratory Acidosis with compensatory metabolic alkalosis

Question :A 20 year old patient presents with ghabrahat, anxiety and hyperventilation. His ABG analysis showed pH-7.5,PCO2- 27 and PO2 of 87.What is the likely diagnosis?


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