Image Based MCQ Hematology|NEET Exam|USMLE preparation

May 25, 2016 drlalit 0

Hi students Study the following questions and try to find the answer? Question: A 16 year old male patient presented to emergency with severe body pains and joint pains. He also complains of cough with expectoration and breathlessness for last few days. His blood pressure is 110/80 mmHg, PR-96/min, Spo2 […]

Image Based Questions for NEET|Rheumatoid arthritis

May 17, 2016 drlalit 0

Question : a 60 year old lady presented with pain and stiffness of joints of hands along with generalized bodyaches. She had history of early morning stiffness of joints of hands for last  years. See the following picture. What is the characteristic deformity in this picture? Button hole Deformity Swan […]

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