PG Medical Exam Questions|USMLE Exam Tips|MCQ on Pleural Effusion

September 21, 2015 drlalit 0

Sometimes we may get this very important MCQ question. Question: Low glucoselevel in pleural effusion is seen in all of the following conditions except? a) Malignant pleural effusion b) Dresslere syndrome c) Rheumatoid arthritis d) Tuberculosis Ans: b, Dressler syndrome Low pleural fluid glucose level is also seen in  1. […]

PG Medical entrance 2016|USMLE preparation|Giant A waves in JVP MCQ

September 19, 2015 drlalit 0

Giant A waves in JVP are seen in which of the following condition? a) Atrial fibrillation b) Tricuspid stenosis c) Ventricular tachycardia d) Mitral stenosis Ans: b , Tricuspid stenosis Giant A waves in jugular venous pulse are also seen in  Pulmonary hypertension Right atrial myxoma Tricuspid atresia Pulmonary stenosis […]

PG Medical Entrance Exams 2016|USMLE preparation|Medical Syndromes MCQ

September 19, 2015 drlalit 0

I will list here some important medical syndromes which can be asked in various competitive exams like AIIMS,NEET,PGI,JIPMER and state level exams. 1. Plummer Vinson Syndrome: It includes Koilonychia Iron Deficiency Anemia Esophageal webs in upper part of Esophagus Glossitis It is common in young and middle aged women. 2. […]

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