General Physical Examination Part-2 for Medical Students

Hello students, hope you will find this post useful. the purpose of this post is to acquaint young medical graduates about General physical examination which is the step one of their learning process during their study of MBBS.

You should first saw this video and read the following material. I will also post more material and videos for examination purpose.

Edema : The collection of fluid in interstitial spaces or serous cavities is known as edema. Around 5-6 litres of body fluid collection will lead to evident edema. Edema can be pitting or non pitting.

Pitting edema is checked by pressing on medical malleolus for thirty seconds and look for some pitting or depression over the area. Some common causes of pitting edema include CCF, Nephrotic syndrome, hypoproteinemia .

Edema is usually checked over dependent parts of body which is lower limb in standing position and sacral region in lying down posture.

Some common causes of non-pitting edema include Hypothyroidism and lymphatic Filariasis.