PG Medical and USMLE Entrance Questions|NEET Exam |Haemolytic anemia MCQ

Important points from Hemolytic anemias for PG medical and USMLE Exams:

1. Plasma Hemoglobin may be normal or slightly increased in Extravascular hemolysis, but increased much in intravascular hemolysis.

2. LDH level is more increased in intravascular hemolysis.

3. Increased Red cell breakdown in Hemolytic anemias lead to rise in bilirubin levels, hemoglobinuria.

4. It also results in hemosiderinuria

5. Haptoglobulin level is decreased in patients with hemolytic anemia.

6. There will be rise LDH level in blood

7. We can see an increase in Reticulocytue count also .

8. Hereditary spherocytosis is Autosomal dominant condition.

9. MCV is decreased and MCHC is increased in Hereditary spherocytosis.

10. There is defect in spectrin protein in membrane of RBC in hereditary spherocytosis.

11. Osmotic fragility is increased in Hereditary spehrocytosis.


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