Image based NEET PG Questions dated 14-4-2018 with Explanations

Image based NEET PG Questions dated 14-4-2018 with Explanations

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·         Goal of blood preservation is to provide viable and functional blood components for patients requiring blood transfusion.

·         More than 70% of red-cells should remain viable in circulation 24 hours after transfusion of stored blood. The blood is stored at 2-6 degree C to maintain the optimal viability



Question No. 2:

image 2

Lewy Bodies : single or multiple cytoplasmic, eosinophilic round to elongated inclusions that often have a dense core surrounded by a pale halo.

They are dystrophic processes that contain aggregated alpha-synuclein


 Question No. 3



·         Intestinal metaplasia

·         H.pylori infection

·         Mucusa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) lymphoma

·         Pernicious anemia

·         Hypertrophic gstropathy

·         E-cadherin gene (CDH1)


Question no. 4:



·         Primary amenorrhea with delayed secondary sex characteristics

·         Short stature (Ht.<150cms)

·         Webbing of neck

·         Receding chin

·         Cubitus valgus

·         Broad shield chest

·         Low hair line on neck

·         Lymphedema

·         Short 4th metatarsal

·         Mental retardation

·         Coarctation of aorta


Question no. 5:



·         Pharyngoesophageal diverticulum / Pharyngeal pouch / Hypopharyngeal diverticulum

·         Just above the cricopharyngeal muscle

·         Symptoms:

§  Dysphagia, sense of lump in throat

§  Regurgitation, reappearance of ingested food in the mouth

§  Cough, due to food regurgitated into airway

§  Halitosis, smelly breath

§  Infection

§  Aspiration

§  Rarely associated with cervical webs


Question.No. 6:


§  TWO POINT DISCRIMINATION is tested with special callipers, the points of which may be set 2mm to several cms apart and applied simultaneously to the site to be tested.

§  The pulp of fingertip is a common site to test


Question.No. 7:



§  Very late CNS complication of acute progressive encephalitis (APN)

·         Seizures, neurological deficits, progressive stupor & death

§  EEG reveal periodic high –amplitude complexes (Burst suppression on EEG)

§  The periodic complexes consist of 2-4 high amplitude symmetrical delta waves which repeat once in 5-7 seconds


Question.No. 8:


·         Thyphoid fever begins 7-14 days after ingestion of the organism.

·         Fever pattern is Step-wise / Step-ladder type

·         Rising temperature over the course of each day that drops subsequent morning

·         Peaks and troughs rise progressively over time


Question.No. 9:


Spironolactone (100-200 mg/d to 400-600mg/d)

·         Aldosterone receptor antagonist and potassium sparing diuretic

·         Widely used in therapy of edema, particularly in Cirrhosis in which hyperaldosteronism plays a major role

·         Decreases sodium reabsorption and potassium excretion in distal renal tubules




IgM anti-HBc: antibody subclass to anti-HBc

·         Positivity indicated recent infection with HBV (<6months)

·         Presence indicates acute infection

·         Mother to child transmission marker


So these are Image Based NEET PG Questions with Explanations dated 14-4-2018

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