Image Based NEET PG Questions with Explanations dated 13-4-2018

Image Based NEET PG Questions with Explanations dated 13-4-2018

Following are the detailed answers with explanations of NEET PG Image quiz questions and answers dated 13-4-2018 published on our app NEET PG Quiz.

1.Identify the organism from the image? (Recent question of 2013)



Klebs Loefflers Bacillus or Diptheria bacillus show Chinese letter arrangement on Albert  stain (as in image)

It belongs to genus Mycobacterium that causes TB

2.Eggs with characteristic feature (encircled) as sown in image are seen in? (Recent question of 2014)


Trematodes / Flukes

Are Hermaphroditic except for schistosomes

Distomata : two muscular cup-shaped suckers

Oviparous and lay eggs which are operculated (as in image)

3.Identify the muscle involved in the abscess shown in the image? (Recent question of 2015)



Bezold Abscess (image) occurs following acute coalescent mastoiditis

Pus breaks through the thin medial side of tip of mastoid and presents as swelling in the upper neck

It may lie deep to the muscle Sternocledomastoid, pushing it outwards

4.What power of lens would you like to attach to the instrument shown in the image to be able to view the entire retina? (Recent question of 2016)



Indirect Ophthalmoscopy is done in a dilated pupil

Image formed is real, inverted and magnified

Magnification is 3 times if 20D lens is used which is enough for examining retinal periphery

5.Which Paranasal sinus is being tested using the technique shown in the image?


External examination of Ethmoid sinus involves examination of Orbit, Upper and Lower eye lids, Root of nose, Eye balls & vision are done.

In Acute Ethmoiditis gentle pressure applied on medial wall of orbit just behind root of nose causes tenderness.

6.Identify the virus shown in image?



Bullet shaped, Lyssavirus type-1– Possess negative sense RNA virus

Reservoir : Urban Rabies- Dogs 99%, Cats

Wild life Rabies- Fox, Jackal, Wolf

Source: saliva of rabid animal

Period of infectivity- 3-4 days before onset of symptoms till death

7.Identify the contraceptive device? (Recent question 2015)


Lippes Loop is a 1st generation / Non medicated / inert IUD contraceptive

Intended for long term use until menopause

No longer used in India

IUD with highest failure rate

 8. All are component strains of the vaccine shown in image, EXCEPT?



Strains used in MMR are:

Measles:  Edmonston Zagreb (most common)

                  Schwartz strain

              Moraten strain


Mumps: Jeryll Lynn

Rubella: RA 27/3

                                                                                                                     9.The image depicts which international health agency? (Recent question 2012, 2014, 2016)


World Health Organisation (WHO)  came into force on 7th April, 1948

Headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland

Objective : is attainment by all people of the highest level of health

It is a specialized non-political health agency of United Nations

 10.Identify the Nobel Prize winner for his work on transmission of Malaria from his photograph (image) ?


Sir Roland Ross (13 May 1857-16 Sept 1932)

He was a British medical doctor who received Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1902 for his work on transmission of malaria.

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