Macimorelin Growth Harmone Receptor agonist Question for NEET PG Exam

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Macimorelin Growth Harmone Receptor agonist Question for NEET PG Exam

Today question is based on Macimorelin( ghrelin receptor agonist). Remember these points about Macimorelin.

What is Macimorelin: It  is a Growth Harmone secretagogue receptor ( ghrelin receptor) agonist and it causes the release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland.

Indications: It is indicated for treatment of Adult Growth Harmone Deficiency.

The safety in children not established.

Dosage: It is given as single daily dose of o.5 mg/Kg body weight for adults.

It is given as a reconstituted solution by dissolving the drug in 120 ml of water.

Interactions : it should not be given along with those drugs which can prolong QTc interval like antipsychotic medications and Class 1A and class 3 antiarrythmic drugs.

Growth harmone therapy should also be stopped one week before administering Macimorelin.

So we advise all students to prepare this topic of Macimorelin drug   for NEET PG Exam Preparation.

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