NEET PG Image Questions with Answers Dated 6-4-2018

NEET PG Image Quiz Questions with  Explanation for Image Based Questions Dated 6-4-2018

1.The following personality is associated with which field?

robert koch

Answer: Robert Koch, German Microbiologist

            Father of Modern bacteriology

            Gave Koch postulates and famous for discovery of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

           Received Noble prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1905

2.The institute related with following image was established in which year?


Ans: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the leading national public health institute of the United States. The CDC is a United States federal agency under the Department of Health and Human Services, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. It was established in year 1946.

3.The lesion of the area labelled as A in picture results in ?

visual field

Ans: Bitemporal hemianopia.

The picture is showing the lesion at level of optic chiasma and its lesion will result in bitemporal hemianopia.

4.The lesion shown in eye is associated with which?


Ans: These whitish spots are named as Bitot spots and are superficial triangular, oval or irregular spots in conjunctiva and due to build up of keratin. These are signs of vitamin A deficiency.

Daily requirement of vitamin A- 900 mcg/day or 3000 IU/day in adult males and 700mcg/day or 2333IU/day in adult females

5.The PBF picture shown here is associated with which ?


Ans: The picture is showing hypersegmented neutrophils, which is commonly seen in patients with Vitamin B12 deficiency or Megaloblastic anemia.Normally Neutrophils contain 3-4 lobes, but hypersegmented neutrophils contain more than 6 lobes or segments.

7.What is the anatomical landmark of bifurcation shown in picture?


Ans: T4-T5 level

The trachea extends from the inferior end of the larynx (C6 vertebra) to its point of bifurcation (between T4 and  T5 vertebral level). It is about 9 to 15 cm in length.  The carina is a ridge of cartilage in the trachea that occurs between the division of the two main bronchi. This occurs at the lower end of the trachea (usually at the level of the 4th thoracic vertebra, which is in line with the sternal angle.

The trachea has 15 to 20 C-shaped bars of hyaline cartilage that prevent it from collapsing. The carina is the upward-directed ridge seen internally at the bifurcation and is a landmark during bronchoscopy.

7.What is the name of following formula or index?


The contraceptive efficacy is measured by the Pearl index. The Pearl index is defined as the number of pregnancies occurring per 100 women years

8.Which tests are performed by following instrument?

tuning fork

Ans: This instrument, Tuning fork is used to do tests of hearing like Rinne test, Weber test and modified Shwabach tests.

9.Identify the vector shown in image?


The Oriental rodent insect (Xenopsylla cheopis), otherwise called the tropical rodent bug, is a parasite of rodents, basically of the Genus Rattus, and is an essential vector for bubonic Plague and murine typhus. This happens when the bug has sustained on a tainted rat and nibbles a human, in spite of the fact that this insect can live on any warm blooded well evolved creature.

10.Which poisoning can lead to following skin lesions?


Ans: The picture is showing cutaneous manifestation of Arsenic poisoning leading to Erythema multiforme minor.

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NEET PG Image Quiz Questions

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