NEET PG Image quiz questions and answers dated 7-4-2018

NEET PG Image quiz questions and answers dated 7-4-2018



Following are the detailed answers with explanations of NEET PG Image quiz questions and answers dated 7-4-2018 published on our app NEET PG Quiz.

1. Persons shown in image can have everything same except?


Ans: Finger prints.

Identical twins can not have same finger prints.

2.Cells shown in histopathology section of liver are


Ans: Macrophages

3.Identify the model of disease causation shown in picture?


Ans: This disease model is known as Web of causation. This theory of disease was postulated by Mcmohan and Pugh. according to this theory, the disease never depends upon single isolated cause. Rather the disease develops from a chain of causation in which each link itself is a result of complex interaction of preceding events which may be the fraction of the whole complex.

4. Bodies shown in the cell type given in image are actually


Ans: Endoplasmic reticulum

5. Injury shown in image is generally seen in ?


Ans: Lightening

Lightning injuries are injuries caused in body by exposure to intense lightning strikes.

They injuries result from three factors:electrical damage,intense heat and the mechanical energy which these generate.The lightning often leaves skin burns in characteristic Lichtenberg figures, sometimes called lightning flowers.

These  may persist for hours or days, and are a useful clue for medical examiners when trying to determine the cause of death. They are thought to be caused by the rupture of small capillaries under the skin, either from the lightning current or from the mechanical shock wave.

6. Scientist shown in image is credited with the discovery of?


Ans: The first antibiotic Penicillin was discovered by Alexender Flemming in 1928 who was a Scottish scientist working in st. Mary Hospital, London

7. Which services are provided at clinic shown in figure?18-35-11-images

Ans: Suraksha Clinic are a chain of STI/RTI Clinics. These clinics are established by NACO for the better health services and for the prevention of HIV infection and other sexually transmitted diseases in India.

8. See the image below of a three month old foetus. What is true?


Ans: The answer is nails appear

9. HLA complex is found on DNA structure of chromosome numbered?


Ans: Chromosome number 6

10. Normal count of cells seen in the following image is


Ans:90-100 million/ml

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