Image Based Questions for NEET|Rheumatoid arthritis

May 17, 2016 drlalit 0

Question : a 60 year old lady presented with pain and stiffness of joints of hands along with generalized bodyaches. She had history of early morning stiffness of joints of hands for last  years. See the following picture. What is the characteristic deformity in this picture? Button hole Deformity Swan […]

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome for PG Medical Entrance Exams and USMLE

December 18, 2015 drlalit 0

Here I will be discussing this topic with you which is very important from PG Medical Entrance Exams point of view. Introduction: ARDS is characterised by —Breathlessness —Decreased PO2 — Hypoxaemia —Diffuse pulmonary infiltrates Etiology:  —Sepsis and Multiorgan Failure —Pneumonia —Trauma —Drowning —Multiple blood transfusions —Gastric aspiration Phases:  3 phases […]

PG Medical Entrance Exam | USMLE preparation|Pneumonia

December 17, 2015 drlalit 0

Introduction : •Infection of Pulmonary parenchyma •Community acquired pneumonia, Hospital acquired pneumonia, Ventilator associated pneumonia •Health Care associated pneumonia Pathogenesis: •Aspiration Haematogenous spread •Air Host Defence : •Nasal Hairs •Mucociliary clearance •Local antibacterial factors Pathology: •Phase 1 –  Oedema •Phase 2-   Red Hepatization phase •Phase 3-   Grey Hepatization Phase •Phase […]

PG Medical Entrance Exams |AIIMS Medical Entrance|Cirrhosis liver MCQ

October 29, 2015 drlalit 0

Question: 17 year old male patient presented to emergency department with one episode of haematemesis.There is no history of abdominal distension or jaundice. He has splenomegaly of size 7 cm below left costal margin. His hemoglobin is 9.2gm% and LFTs are within normal limits.What is the likely diagnosis in this patient? […]

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