Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome for PG Medical Entrance Exams and USMLE

December 18, 2015 drlalit 0

Here I will be discussing this topic with you which is very important from PG Medical Entrance Exams point of view. Introduction: ARDS is characterised by —Breathlessness —Decreased PO2 — Hypoxaemia —Diffuse pulmonary infiltrates Etiology:  —Sepsis and Multiorgan Failure —Pneumonia —Trauma —Drowning —Multiple blood transfusions —Gastric aspiration Phases:  3 phases […]

PG Medical Entrance Exam | USMLE preparation|Pneumonia

December 17, 2015 drlalit 0

Introduction : •Infection of Pulmonary parenchyma •Community acquired pneumonia, Hospital acquired pneumonia, Ventilator associated pneumonia •Health Care associated pneumonia Pathogenesis: •Aspiration Haematogenous spread •Air Host Defence : •Nasal Hairs •Mucociliary clearance •Local antibacterial factors Pathology: •Phase 1 –  Oedema •Phase 2-   Red Hepatization phase •Phase 3-   Grey Hepatization Phase •Phase […]

PG Medical Entrance Exams |AIIMS Medical Entrance|Cirrhosis liver MCQ

October 29, 2015 drlalit 0

Question: 17 year old male patient presented to emergency department with one episode of haematemesis.There is no history of abdominal distension or jaundice. He has splenomegaly of size 7 cm below left costal margin. His hemoglobin is 9.2gm% and LFTs are within normal limits.What is the likely diagnosis in this patient? […]

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