AIIMS Medical Entrance Exam|USMLE preparation online|Sarcoidosis MCQ

July 12, 2015 drlalit 0

Sarcoidosis is very important topic for PG medical entrance examination and many questions are framed from this topic and various PG medical entrance exams often contain questions based on sarcoidosis. Students are advised to revise this topic and remember these few important points. It is a systemic multisystem disorder. Etiology […]

Difference between Myasthenia gravis and LEMS

July 10, 2015 drlalit 0

Differecnce between Myasthenia gravis and Lambert Eaton Myasthenia syndrome This is one the important topic in neurology and it is very important question for various PG medical entrance examinations in India. It is thus important to remember some the basic differences between these two so as to solve PG exam […]

Difference between Crohn disease and Ulcerative colitis

July 8, 2015 drlalit 0

Difference between Crohn disease and Ulcerative colitis: PG medical entrance examination often contain question based on difference between Crohn disease and ulcerative colitis. Following points should be remembered while answering this type of question. Skip areas are seen in patients with Crohn disease and there is segmental involvement of intestine […]

Casts in urine and their significance

July 7, 2015 drlalit 0

Presence of casts in urine: Sometimes there is a question asked in various Medical PG entrance examination on urinary casts. The question is like that” RBC casts in urine are from which site?” The urine may contain various casts which are formed due to solidification of protein and organic matter […]

Tumor Lysis Syndrome and its metabolic complications

July 5, 2015 drlalit 0

Tumor lysis syndrome: Sometimes PG Medical entrance exam have question from this important topic and question can be frame like this, “ Tumor lysis syndrome is characterized by all except?” So it is important to remember these points relating to tumor lysis syndrome. Tumour lysis syndrome occurs due to destruction […]

Renal Tubular Acidosis for PG Medical Entrance Exams

July 4, 2015 drlalit 0

Renal tubular acidosis: PG medical entrance exam sometimes contains question from this topic that is Renal tubular acidosis. It is useful to remember some points about renal tubular acidosis so as to mark correct answer for this type of question. Renal tubular acidosis has been of broadly following types- Type […]

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