Process to get Permanent Unique Registration number by Medical Council of India

A Unique Permanent Registration number will be provided to every doctor in India by Medical council of India. The number will be linked to AADHAR card and will be issued after a process of registration and verifying the documents. It will help to streamline the Medical profession and no duplicate registration will be there after the system sets in. The process will also help to streamline the process of renewal of membership.

How to get Permanent Unique Registration number:

Every doctor should follow the following given procedure for registration of UPRN.

  1. Step 1: The doctor has to visit the website of Medical council of India i.e. . After opening the website, go to Doctor login column as shown below.Capture1

Click on the link and Enter your basic information. The module was on testing phase at time of writing this article. So when available, enter your basic information and your user id and password will be received on your Email.

Step 2: Use the login and password information to log into the website and update your data, AADHAR number, and Educational qualifications.

Step 3: A fees will have to be paid to MCI as specified by MCI either through online or offline mode. Then doctor has to go to State Medical council to verify their documents and the whole record will be updated by State Medical council.

Step 4: A Unique Permanent Registration number will be generated and will be notified to doctor by Email and the same will be updated in MCI and state Medical Council records.

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