Usmle Step 1 Question Bank – Rheumatoid Arthritis Video Tutorial

This video tutorial is part of MCQ questions series on USMLE step 1 question bank for preparation of USMLE. These questions will also be useful for Indian Medical PG entrance exams. 

Let us begin with our first question .

Question 1. What are the components of Felty syndrome?

Ans : RA, Splenomegaly and Neutropenia

Question 2 . The next question is

Anakinra acts on which receptors ?

Ans: IL-1 Receptor Antagonist

Question 3.Our next question for today is

What is mechanism of action of Rituximab ?

 Ans: Monoclonal Antibody against CD20

Question 4.The next question is

Which part of the spine is commonly involved in Rheumatoid arthritis ?         

Ans: Cervical spine

Question 5 .The next question is

Which joints are commonly involved in Rheumatoid arthritis

Ans: MCP,PIP in Hands and  MTP in Feet

Question 6. The next question is

Which joints of hands are spared in Rheumatoid arthritis?

 Ans: Distal IP Joints

Question 7. The next question is

Which deformities are commonly seen in Rheumatoid arthritis?

Ans: 1) Swan Neck deformity(Hyperextension of PIP Joints

2) Buttonaire Deformity ( Hyperextension of MCP Joints

Question 8 .The next question is

What is Caplan syndrome ?

Ans: Rheumatoid Arthritis with Pneumoconiosis

 Question 9.The next question is

Which type of lymphoma can occur in patients with Rheumatoid arthritis?

Ans: Large Granular Lymphocytic lymphoma

Question 10:Our next question is

Which is the most specific laboratory test for Rheumatoid arthritis?

Ans: The answer is Anti CCP which is called as Anti Citrullinated Peptide and is the most specific test for rheumatoid arthritis

Question 11:The next question is

Which HLA is associated with Rheumatoid arthritis?

Ans: HLA DR-4

Question 12:Our next question is

Which DMARD is drug of first choice for Rheumatoid arthritis?

 Ans: Methotrexate

Question 13:The next question is

Which immunoglobulin isotype is commonly seen in Rheumatoid factor?

Ans: IgM type

Question 14:The next question is

Which type of anemia is common in Rheumatoid arthritis?

 Ans : Normocytic Normochromic anemia

Question 15: The next question is

Which is the common extra   articular manifestation in RA in  which Steroids are used?              

 Ans: Mononeuritis multiplex






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